Dr. Jimmy B. Cigars is your partner to bring premium cigars and high quality cigar related services to golf courses, restaraunts, bars, hotels, resorts, casinos, and special events. We can provide cigars in individually sealed bags which inlclude a humipak to keep the cigar fresh and a business card to market your venue or the cigars. The cigars come in packages of one or two. Also, cigars can be provided in individual tubes or from countertop humidors.

A touch of class can be added to any special event including weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, birthday parties, and bachelor parties. A variety of services from providing individual cigars, private labeling, setting up humidors, lighters, ashtrays, outdoor tents, servers, hosting cigar experts to provide knowledge about cigars to guests, cigar girls for cutting and lighting, or to add an extra touch of class live rollers can be secured. Our own private label cigar called 'The Tiger' in addition to a number of premium cigar brands are in our line of offerings. We look forward to working with you to enhance your events with premium cigars and service.

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We supply golf courses with cigars in individually sealed packages that include a cigar, humidification device, and business card to market your business or cigars.

Our house blend, labeled ' The Tiger', has a striped Connecticut and Habano wrapper and is handmade in Honduras. These cigars have a 52 ring gauge in a Torpedo shape measuring 6 1/8 inches long.

In addition to our house cigar, we can offer many other top cigar brands to including Alec Bradely, La Aroma de Cuba, Rocky Patel, Punch, Warlock, Casa Magna, A. Fuente (rare OpusX & Anejo), H. Upmann, Diamond Crown, Oliva, My Father, Partagas, Romeo Y Julieta, Don Pepin, La Gloria Cubana, Carlos Torano, La Aurora, Ashton, Macanudo, CAO, Punch, Montecristo, Cohiba, and Fonseca, Camacho, and Nub. Since cigars are often made in limited quantities and released at specific times of the year, please contact us to see current availability.

In addtion to selling cigars in your club house, we encourage you to provide them for sale on the golf cart. We will provide you with the supplies needed to sell from your carts. Selling the second cigar on the course, is often a missed revenue for many courses and encourages golfers to stay around the 19th hole a little longer.

We will work with your tournament directors to include cigars for golf outings, touranaments, and fundraising activities. This can be the hook to encourage them to use your course.

Why add cigars to your offering in the hospitality industry? One, you will be seen as providing a luxury product that will add value for high end customers. Not many venues have cigars available and cigars add a value to customers that will be dedicated over time. Second, cigars can take between an hour to an hour and a half to smoke. If you convert this time to extra drinks, desserts, and extended time in your venue it is more than just the money you make from sellling the cigar it is the extras you sell. Furthermore, you can offer exclusive events to target cigar smokers and we will help you develop events that allow you to offer tastings, pairings, and special dinners with the cigars.

Add premium cigars to your hospitality venue with Dr. Jimmy B Cigars. We offer casual to formal presentations of cigars including the individually wrapped cigars with a humidfication device that will have a shelf life of approximately a year to stocked humidors.

We work to help make special events perfect. We have the perfect cigar for weddings, corporate parties, birthdays, marketing events, receptions, and other special occasions.

You may want to hire a master cigar roller. The roller will provide a demonstration of the cigar making. If you do not want a roller, it is possible to have us display and hand out an array of rare or limited-edition cigars for guests to enjoy after dinner, or in conjunction with a lounging area or around a bar. Cigar girls are available to cut and light cigars for a an extra fee. The roller can entertain guests during cocktail hour.

The cigar adds a luxury feel to any event and makes it rise to the top. This is a truly unique addition and will make your event memorable.


Our Mission is to provide opportunities to enjoy the pleasures of fresh premium cigars delivered in a convenient manner that enhances a variety of experiences at opportune events, formal and casual occasions, or milestones in ones life.

Play, drink, eat, celebrate, relax, and just have fun with an added luxury of life!!!

Cigar Reviews and Resources

Cigar reviews are the best way to learn about the Stogies you want to smoke or purchase for your event or business. Take a few minutes and look at Cigar Aficionado or at www.stogiereviewer.com (a site that will be available in the near future). Additionally, you can click here for some great books and supplies available on cigars.


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