Dr. Jimmy B. Cigars started as an offical organization in 2012. The co-founders have enjoyed cigars for years prior to the official launching of the organization. Cigars are a pleasure shared with family, friends, colleauges, clients, and business partners during special events such as birthday parties, weddings, corporate celebrations, and sporting events as well as more casual times such as golf, poker, or just relaxing. However, through the years it has been harder to find places that not only sell premium cigars but venues that offer the freedom to enjoy them, outside of your own home. We partner with venues to deliver high quality cigars. Additionally, we work with individuals, event planners, and businesses to make any special event perfect when incorporating high quality cigars.

Dr. James E. Bartlett, II

James is an avid cigar connoisseur and enjoys sharing his expertise about cigars. Dr. Jimmy B Cigars has allowed him to blend his business background and knowledge of cigars to offer premium cigars in a variety of venues and at numerous events. James has his Ph.D. from Louisiana State Univeristy in Human Resource Education and Workforce Development. Dr. Bartlett was a professor in the College of Hospitality, Sport, and Retail Management at the University of South Carolina and currently a professor at NC State. He has a number of favorite cigars including the Gonzo, AG, Azul by Epicurean along with the Anejo Shark, A. Fuente Between the Lines, as well as many more boutique lines.

Dr. Michelle E. Bartlett

Michelle provides leadership and serves in a vareity of roles for Dr. Jimmy B. Cigars. She has a Ph.D. from the College of Health, Education and Human Development at Clemson University. Her favorite cigars include the Epicurean Gonzo, Fuente, and Drew Estate products. Michelle's favorite cigar bars include the Angus Barn in Raliegh, NC and Cutters Cigar Lounge in Charlotte, NC.

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